LTR Principia is a delightful new variable typeface with seven carefully picked widths. The mostt condensed version takes up about half the space of the widest, which means you can have a lot of fun fitting words into tight corners or stretching them to fill a void. Principia is excellent for headlines, titles, spines, logos, posters, exhibitions, banners, billboards and sides of buildings. With its wasp-waisted contrast and distinctive ball terminals, it’s a stand-out in all sizes.

LTR Principia was the only release in the “Brutalist Serif” category in the Proof&Co 2022 Almanac. And for now we’re rolling with it. And, we love how the word “seriffed” shows off the way Principia handles ligatures.

License for Desktop, Web, App.
Pricing starts at €80

Making things fit in smaller boxes.

These covers are fiction in many ways! But they illustrate that typography, to a large extent, is about making text fit in boxes. Especially display faces like this one. Useful to have some room for variations in width!

Alright, what's in the box?

LTR Principia Variable has an upright variable font and an italic variable font. Both have a width axis from a comfortable, normal width to a compact condensed. You can license the variable Upright and Italic separately for €80 each or the pair for €150.

The Singles are non-variable OpenType fonts. €50 for each. If you ever happen to know exactly which style you need. Frankly, you’re probably better off getting the Variables.

The Collection has both the upright and italic variables as well as all the non-variable OpenType fonts. All bases covered. €200.

LTR Principia Collection Principia Upright
TrueType Variable
Principia Italic
TrueType Variable
Principia Singles
€ 200

Desktop license

LTR Principia Variables Principia Upright
TrueType Variable
Principia Italic
TrueType Variable
€ 150 or € 80 per style

Desktop license

LTR Principia Singles Principia Hundred + Italic OpenType
Principia Eighty Nine + Italic OpenType
Principia Seventy Nine + Italic OpenType
Principia Sixty Two + Italic
Principia Fifty Five + Italic OpenType
Principia Fifty + Italic OpenType
€ 50 per style

Desktop license


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