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LTR Principia is a delightful new variable typeface with seven carefully picked widths. The most condensed version takes up about half the space of the widest, which means you can have a lot of fun fitting words into tight corners or stretching them to fill a void. Principia is excellent for headlines, titles, spines, logos, posters, exhibitions, banners, billboards and sides of buildings. With its wasp-waisted contrast and distinctive ball terminals, it’s a stand-out in all sizes.

You say this is a “variable-first” release - what do you mean by that? Good question! The variable format is supported by all browsers and modern design tools. (See the nice introduction here) The pre-defined instances even look good in basic apps that do not give you access to the axes. So, I think it is time to jump in. Not just for the type designers, but also for you, dear reader, dear author and dear designer.

Italic, Upright,

“Variable Width”

LTR Principia in the 89 and 70 width variations.

Alright, what’s in the box? LTR Principia has an upright and an italic. Both have a width axis from wide to condensed. You can license the Upright and Italic separately or together. I think it is a good idea to just get both of them.

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