The capital letter X from LTR NCND gained some fame as the logo of the X-Files tv series.

What is new:

LTR Limited Grotesque: A low contrast sans serif design with a rather steep angle and a joyful mix of shapes.

LTR Principia’s variable widths adjust to any typographic situation: headlines, titles, spines, logos, posters, exhibitions, banners, billboards, and walls. Available in upright and Italic, the wasp-waisted contrast and distinctive ball terminals are a stand-out in all sizes.

LTR Federal Bureau is the one-stop alternative to complex layering. Enhanced with a robust bevel, the three versions differ in content: horizontal shading, diagonal shading, and no fill. The most ornate of the Federal designs in circulation on this platform, use them to add gravitas to all your documentation.

Did you know most of our fonts are on Adobe Fonts? Pop over to the foundry page on Adobe Fonts and activate! Also, many of our fonts can be rented from FontStand.

All Licenses / Release Notes and Updates

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  • LTR Limited Grotesque
    A Charming hand-drawn sans, in roman and italic
  • LTR Principia
    A Spirited, Display, Variable Width Serif Headliner.
  • The variable typewriter!
    LTR NCND: exciting update for this textured typewriter font.
  • LTR Federal
    New easy to use cuts for the Classic LettError Money Fonts.
  • The Randomfonts
    LTR Beowolf & BeoSans shook the world.
  • Action Condensed
    A very precise, condensed for headlines, screens and basketball courts, from Commercial Type.
  • Action Text
    A crisp, economic typeface for screen from Commercial Type.
  • LTR Kosmik
    The classic hand-lettered sans and typographic superhero
  • House’ Eames
    A refined modern for House Industries and the Eames Office.
  • LTR Slab Extended
    Much Wide, Such Slab!
  • LTR Salmiak
    A Handdrawn serif.
  • The story of Hands
    Digital Incunabula of the Ancient Times