The steel engraving process used for currency and old fashioned stocks, siderography, renders type with high precision shading and high contrast. LTR Federal recreates this technique for digital design and publishing, capturing the typographic voice of nation states and old fashioned banks and delivering it to your desktop. Is it bold enough for you? In use by the actual Federal Reserve (I’ve been told)

Big Dollar Item

You know, LTR Federal can actually be used in colors other than green and silver.

LTR Federal comes in four optical sizes. Fewer shading lines mean more sturdy shapes that can be used in small sizes and low resolutions. Higher numbers of lines create more detail and shading in larger sizes. The names of the sets indicate the number of shading lines on the height of the capital.

The Four Optical Sizes of LTR Federal

The optical sizes of LTR Federal: so you can have detailed shading at every size.

In order to choose the set that is right for your project keep in mind that reading distance is as important as size. A large word intended for reading at some distance (such as a sign, or lettering on a building) might still require a smaller optical size with fewer lines.

CINEMATIC SPECIMEN OF LTR FEDERAL from Erik van Blokland on Vimeo.

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