The LettError Store Front from the Historic District of the Internet

The whole LettError shop was illustrated, the buttons, the shopfront. So cute!

Years ago when the internet was still being invented, LettError had a small online store. It was the cutest little shop with hand drawn buttons, a hand drawn front page and hand written html. It was before WordPress and definitely before CSS. Not many people visited the store because very few people knew where to look for it. It wasn’t on Google maps. It wasn’t on Google. In fact, it may have been before Google woke up.

The Coffee Bean

It’s not really handdrawn. It’s not real print either. don’t overthink it too much.

Just so that there would be something to sell in the shop, LettError drew a cute handdrawn Roman and matching Italic. Proper markers on paper. Using antique programs named Photoshop 1.0 and Fontographer 3, it was drawn with love. LettError’s mom bought the first copy and continues to use it til this very day.

Guts & Glory

That's a pretty neat ampersand, don’t you think?

Years rushed past like a cartoon whirlwind. New font formats were invented left and right and Salmiak was forgotten. It didn’t have any of those shiny new features like the new fonts on the block. It was actually quite content, sitting on its own shelf, staring out of the shop window and watch jet planes overtake the pterodactyls.


Now we're talking. That Q means business.

Still, no digital thing ever truly dies. Carefully LettError took Salmiak off the shelf, dusted the outlines off, collected all the bits that had fallen off and glued them back on. The new OpenType Salmiak contains none of the features it would have had it been born today. But it has a full characterset, new kerning, useful things like Unicode and so on. So it feels pretty chuffed and proud. It said goodbye to its old shelf and is ready to take on the world. Again.

If you have an old, properly licensed copy of LTR Salmiak, send us a note with the date that you bought it and we’ll send you the update free.

Monocle Magazine

That g is pretty cool too.