These tools

This was a comment on AI generated images, someone arguing that artists have to learn the AI tools. I don’t agree.

The LettError logo for winter 2019

The LettError logo for winter 2019. The lowercase t is a submarine coming up for air on a cold november morning. It’s all wobbly, but also a nice locked up thing.


Crossing Border logo and typeface.

A sharlpy drawn, scripty word that says Existencilism

An angular, sharp script that could be cut as a stencil. This semi connected script does not need to be smooth, or perhaps it was, once, before it eroded and left the bones.

Orwellian Masthead

A newspaper for grumpy people.

Electron, brushed

A broadnib can only do so much.

Strangely looped script

Curly stuff. Definitely not swashes.

P104 Studio logo

Sketch for a P104 studio window treatment.


Check these ornaments! Crazy!

Open for commissions!


WTF. Not a stencil, well, not on purpose anyway, these shapes display a tired and deliberate understatement.

Font and Math Alehouse. We should go. English People Animal Farm Scalable Fish More 1984

Shit that looks like other shit

One should not use the word "shit" in polite conversation. But there was a certain anger, so why not.

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