Real lettering for mostly fictional books

Actually there are some based on existing books, but most of them are fictional titles. Does it really matter? I could argue these are studies and exercises within the typographic constraints of a generic book format in which hierarchy, structure, letterforms but also color and scale inform the layout. But these are not really typography exercises: for starters, there is no brief, no client or required content. But these covers do offer a welcome place to experiment with the process.

Bean Soup

Bean Soup with Special Wolpe Sauce. Some of those letters are irresistable.

Ghastly Good Taste

A drawing of John Betjeman's lovely critique of English architecture. The drawing is sloppy.

Dead Weight

W / M.

Beatles Cover

Type in boxes, really vivid colors.

Hahahaha. Open for commissions!

Wookie and the Vader Grim cover with a skull Old style scifi with space and shit

Geometric sans does not want to be drawn. Also, tachyonic discounts are nonsense.

Black and white bubbles with some letters

Retail fawns. I thought there would be more response to this bad pun

Workhorses and retail fawns, typographic animals.

Can't go wrong with a Monsters themed drawing Dendermonde's ode to laziness

The blue of the endless summer of this Dendermonde classic.

A sketchy thing that I like

Covers at a small scale always look better.

Reproduced small, most things will look good. It’s the scale, Oh! Cute!