Fresh Zines

Shall we call them books? No, we shant. It’s a 16 page “zine”. Laserprint black and white on unnecessarily rough and recycled paper. But the drawings are nice and the letters are amusing. And when I write “letters” I mean the lettering. Just so we get that straight. Need some amusing letters? Give me a call.

Handmade, printed on recycled paper, stitched. €6 per title. Free shipping as regular mail for up to 3 items. No tracking.

The Maps Book (#3) Order

Mapsbook drawing

On maps, buildings and things you can read in the city. 16 pages + foldout. (January 2021)

The Train Book (#2) Order

Trainbook drawing

On trains, rail travel paraphernalia, maps and amusing letters. 16 pages. (November 2020) Order here

The Fish Book (#1) Order

Fishbook drawing

Fish and fish related lettering. Amusing. Rare, very collectible. 16 pages. (October 2020)

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