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Shall we call them books? No. It’s a 16 page “zine”. Black and white on unnecessarily rough and recycled paper. Don’t get your hopes up. But the drawings are nice and the letters are amusing. And when I write “letters” I mean the lettering. Just so we get that straight. Need some amusing letters? Give me a call.

While stocks last my small books, zines, with drawings of things and amusing letters. Handmade, printed on recycled paper. €6 per title. Free shipping as regular mail for up to 3 items. No tracking.

Trainbook drawing

The Train Book

On trains, rail travel paraphernalia, maps and amusing letters. 16 pages. Great christmas gift! Order here

Fishbook drawing

The Fish Book

Fish and fish related lettering. Amusing. Rare, very collectible. 16 pages. Order here


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