Version guide to our classic typewriter fonts

Over the years this typewriter typeface has been sold in different versions under different names. This guide will help you identify them in case you need to match or replace a specific one. These classic versions shown here can be licensed. Zoom in on the images to see the detail.

Even though the shapes are rendered using different techniques, the overall weight, proportion and construction is the same for all designs. All these classic editions come in Light and Heavy weights.

The NCND Classic titles are available as CFF PostScript OpenType fonts. All horizontal and vertical metrics match the previous editions. There should be no reflow, but you always have to check.

We recommend NCND Variable for use on the web and any new design projects.

All NCND Classic charactersets support Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Originally available from 2008 to 2022 from FontShop and affiliates.

All the old typewriters stacked up: so many points!

Stipples. Ribbon effect.

Incredible detail in very large files

Look for: extremely detailed shapes rendered in a stippled style. These fonts also have multiple weight variants per letter, and a sophisticated OpenType feature that switches between variants to create very realistic textures. A bit over the top maybe, as all this detail adds up to very large font files, so please note these fonts are unsuitable for use on the web. In fact, they are so big we can't sell them through this store! Click 'licensing on request' for inquiries, available only in CFF otf format.

Classic HD Pro Light
OpenType CFF
Heavy OpenType CFF
€ 50 per style

Desktop license

Licensing on request

Lichen. Rough. Sandy.

Rougher, but still familiar

The fonts named Rough Pro have a distinct appearance from the HD Pro series (and without the stippling). These shapes have a lichen-like texture. Files are smaller than HD Pro, but still considerable. There are no automatic weight variations.

Classic Rough Pro Light
Heavy TrueType
€ 50 per style

Desktop license

Classic, basic, familar.

Pro with support for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic

Less textured than both the HD Pro and HD Rough series. “Pro” indicates that the charactersets support Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. These styles are very close to the NCND Basic weights and can easibly be replaced with NCND Variable if necessary.

Older still?

The versions sold prior to 2008 only had support for Latin and did not have any extensions or additions to the name. The shapes are identical to the “Pro” series. These were mostly sold as Type1 PostScript fonts and support for those stopped a while ago. You should definitely update!

Classic Pro Light
Heavy TrueType
€ 50 per style

Desktop license