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Overview of features and characterset

LTR Limited Grotesque has many stylistic sets with alternates and variations. Some of these may be a bit hidden, so, this page aims to show you all the hidden gems in the glyph set.


Regular, Book, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold (TEA) Italic, Book, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold <--New-<<

Superiors and inferiors (sups and subs)

Access to the inferior and superior numbers. Not intended for full math typesetting! But everything you need for signs, logos and short text.

H2SO4 a2+b3

Ordinal numbers (ordn)

Some superior letters for ordinal numbering are also available.

No. Mc.Cartney 1st 2nd

Required Ligatures (rlig)

These should be activated by default, but not all design tools do. So these variants are also available as Stylistic Set 19. The lowercase f has a shorter variant that is used to avoid all sorts of collisions and overlap, so it is not necessary to make ligatures. However, the f ð (Icelandic eth) do combine into a real ligature.

fð (TEA) <--(FISH)-<<

Shortcuts to long arrows

Also included in the required ligatures is a way to facilitate typing the “long style” arrows in a combination of hyphens and less & greater symbols. The arrow quills in the roman have 2 feathers, the italic 3. You can create partial arrows with a word in the middle. For example:

> > - Northbound - - >
< - - Exit - < <

Plimsoll & Roundel

The circle minus symbol “⊖” has been drawn to align with the vertical center of the arrows. It can serve as the plimsoll symbol, but of course it can also be used to resemble the old (Edward Johnston?) Underground roundel. Using the same shortcuts, typing an oslash ø or Oslash Ø will add the circle minus symbol in the arrow.

< - - Ø - < < <--Ø-<<

Stylistic sets? Really?

Staff at the drawing room at LTR Type have always quite vocal when it comes to stylistic sets. The sets are hard to find, they argue, and fussy to control in many of the major design applications. And yet, the designer of LTR Limited countered, these variations are just too good to not include. So while the fonts will operate to the best of their ability without any of these sets switched on, should you be so inclined, this is a list of all the styles available in this update of LTR Limited.

The first three sets combine several alternates in a single title. And from ss04 on, each set of alternates is also available separately, if you want to make specific combinations. Some of them may be a bit subtle to spot individually, but they all add up to a specific texture.
In the TypeTester below, flip the OT Features button to play with all the OpenType features.

Stylistic Set: All Typographic, ss01

If you want to use LTR Limited at smaller sizes, this set is great recommended. What does it do? Some of the more expressive shapes are toned down: the lowercase a gets a shorter tail, the lowercase j gets a curve. The sharp upstrokes in h m n are tempered. And a stem is added to the right side of the lowercase u. Why is this set not the default setting? Because it reminds us of the original lettering.

Human or fox jr.

All Rounder: Stylistic Set 02

Where the previous style tempers the flavor a bit, this set dials it up as much as it can. The lowercase t receives a generous round terminal. The lowercase d and u get a little curved tail. And the lowerase i gets the same tail as the a. The lowercase y gets a ball terminal. The j gets a longer tail. Please note that text set in this style will run a considerably wider, all those terminals take up space!

untraditionally jovial. Spring Collection

All Straighter: Stylistic Set 03

Similar to ss01, but the j remains straight and f is subbed with its short variant. Otherwise: lowercase u gets a stem, the tail of the a is reduced. The lowercase r is tucked in. The plainer upstroke variants of h m n. The straigther variants of R and K are used.

ROCK, joyful, art.

Straighter tails on R, K, k: Stylistic set 04

This controls the R, K and variatrs withthe simplified tails. Note that the italics keep a bit of a wave. We are not heartless.

Harry Beck

Single storey a and g: Stylistic set 05

With such a lovely and iconic a, it seems counterintuitive to replace it with something less… flamboyant. And yet, here it is. The bungalows of typography, the single storey a and g. In the italic the a keeps a bit of a wave.

Manga from Waitrose.