Another quick, textured scan and trace thing from the early 1990’s. Why is it still here, you ask. it is not a grand design. Or anything remotely practical. But whatever. An early digital experiment, LTR Bleifrei is a dirty grimy Bodoni straight from the metal.

At a letterpress workshop organised by Hans Andree at the HdK in Hamburg, Just van Rossum and Erik van Blokland found a typeset page for a Bodoni specimen: a printed page as well as the lead type. Both were scanned and produced as digital fonts, and we called it Bleifrei, German for unleaded. The slugs, leaded and imprint weights can be used as layers in your favourite graphics editor.

The characterset is rather limited: if it’s not in the specimen it’s not in the font. Bleifrei comes with a set of ‘white’ or space characters of different widths, so you can frame your bleifrei typesetting in Real Genuine Bona Fide Metal type.