A nice bit of lettering: the word Reason, in this high contrast, joyful script like design that I like at the moment.

LettError: Serious Fun Since 1989

LettError has been producing groundbreaking designs since the early days of digital type. Curiosity about why things are done as they are, combined with a dedication to developing new tools, has resulted in a diverse body of work that pushes the boundaries of what type can be and do.

Now we are a studio for type design and typography based in The Hague, Netherlands. We have developed typefaces for large organisations and brands and lettering for the University Library in Amsterdam, literally the size of buildings!

We publish some amazing typefaces that you will immediately recognise, like this variable typewriter LTR NCND; and LTR Federal, the gold standard digitisation of the US currency engravings. Read more about how LTR Beowolf and BeoSans, the original randomfonts, returned safely to the LettError intellectual property portfolio. And let your imagination run free with LTR Principia, a spirited display, variable width serif headliner that is just hopping to be on books and brands.

Did you know most of our fonts are on Adobe Fonts? Pop over to the foundry page and activate!. Also, our fonts can be rented from FontStand.

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