Starting October 1, 2017, we have a desk available in our shared office space in the center of The Hague. Designers: Erik van Blokland, Sybren Kuiper, Ton Persoon, Maarten Thissen and Jan Heijnen. So close to the center of Dutch political power and many lunch spots, Papestraat 27. Each spot is about 13 sq/m, rent €250 per month, ex VAT, but including service costs, internet etc. The charming studio has no separate meeting room and no fixed phone lines. Internet is ⏬80.46 Mbps, ⏫28.39 Mbps. Inquiries to Jan Heijnen,

Some ideas and code for RoboFont relating to the weight of text. As any introduction to typography will tell you, font families come in different weights, ranging from thin to black and many steps in between. These weights are used to create hierarchies and structure within the text. A bold headline will catch the attention. A lighter weight for reading, etc. While the word weight has connotations of physics and empirical envidence, the typographic reality is a bit messy. This code attempts to get a grip on the weight.

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