Lettering for the UvA university library.

Construction of the new university library has started, though at the time of this writing not much of it is visible.

UvaPress release:

MVSA Architects set out to design a facade screen that would create a transparent veil between the UB and surrounding homes and, by doing this, protect the privacy of local residents. The facade screen also filters the light for students in the UB. The architect's design for the bronze-coloured screen was part of the permit application submitted to the municipality of Amsterdam. The idea is for the facade screen at the UB to create a timeless and iconic image that reflects both the UvA and the city of Amsterdam.

The UvA wanted the 24 languages that are taught in their language departments to be represented on the building. These languages included texts in Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic and Arabic. So early on I asked type designers and TypeMedia graduates Aleksandra Samulenkova, Anya Danilova, Bahman Eslami and Daniel Grumer to join.

Architects Harry van den Berg and Ana Carmen Gutiérrez Narvarte of MVSA Architects worked with me.

Early designs, looking for textures.

Engineers and architects explored different fabrication techniques and the design had to evolve with that.

Drawbot proofing and workflow. And also the final data.

Difficult proportions between the lines. Lettershapes close to actual reading text. Nothing handwritten or too monomental or too abstract.

Interpolations in weight.

3d image of the lettershapes

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