Drawings of letters.

A category for work. I understand that work needs to get done and that available creative freedom differs from project to project. But we can agree, I think, that designers can occasionally do new thing. Just to try.

Shit that looks like other shit

One should not use the word "shit" in polite conversation. But there was a certain anger, so why not.

The LettError logo for winter 2019

The LettError logo for winter 2019. The lowercase t is a submarine coming up for air on a cold november morning. It's all wobbly, but also a nice locked up thing.


Crossing Border logo and typeface.

A sharlpy drawn, scripty word that says Existencilism

An angular, sharp script that could be cut as a stencil. This semi connected script does not need to be smooth, or perhaps it was, once, before it eroded and left the bones.

Orwellian Masthead

A newspaper for grumpy people.

Electron, brushed

A broadnib can only do so much.

Strangely looped script

Curly stuff. Definitely not swashes.

P104 Studio logo

Sketch for a P104 studio window treatment.


Check these ornaments! Crazy!

Open for commissions!


WTF. Not a stencil, well, not on purpose anyway, these shapes display a tired and deliberate understatement.

Font and Math Alehouse. We should go. English People Animal Farm Scalable Fish More 1984

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