Some examples of LTR Principia in colorful typographic sausages.

Is this the pointy serif you have been drawing for years? Yes! It developed into a cheerful regular-to-narrow variable display serif headliner with very pretty italics. At this time it is a single weight suitable for most applications. Illustrative, playful, aware of some rules but not always bound by them. The width axis is useful for fitting words into small boxes. It’s way too floppy for running text, so typographer’s discretion required.

Large outlines of a lowercase a and e: {ae}

Bells and balls, sharp and round.

A group of container objects with this new font in them.

Signs. Single containers with text. A cover. A poster. A card.

It began as a personal project – a study of shape and contrast, but I was also looking at the process of drawing and interpretation. Using RoboFont together with some new tools I tried to make most decisions while drawing on my iPad. Freed from manipulating vectors, I discovered different design possibilities. The method isn’t necessarily more efficient, in fact there were a lot more iterations to make and consider, but other solutions occur when you no longer have to wrangle Beziers. My drawings started very informal, it took effort to lift them out of the warm, comfortable bubble of illustration into the demanding structure of variable fonts.

Making things fit in smaller boxes.

I know this is not what bookcovers look like in 2022. You would do a much nicer job I'm sure!

The captions for this image.

Fun fact: if you use the narrow at about 150% of the size of the wide, the stems of the narrow and the wide end up the same weight.

The width axis runs from Tall to Slightly-wider-than-normal with lots of relaxed and yet compact moments in between. But really, this is one of those applications where you should just eyeball it. What else can I say about this sweet thing? The Italic has more of the wasp-waist details, but without becoming too swashy, and a right swimming fish; the Roman has a left swimming fish. You know, important stuff.

I’d like to acknowledge the influence of the lettering by Berthold Wolpe. Certainly not as a revival or interpretation, but something in the joy in the letterforms. I’ve been flirting with these ideas for a while, first in my real lettering for fictional book covers and later in the lettering and illustration zines.

Detail of one of the early drawings.

Wild stuff! One of the earlier drawings, 2019.

Work in progress

LTR Principia is not finished, but an initial release isn’t too far off. The world being what it is, I understand this is not a high priority. But, should you be interested in using this typeface, let me know. Pricing and licensing on request.

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