Another math project!

Digitization Experiment

Dear type enthusiasts! For a small meta-experiment, I’m collecting different digitisations of the same shape. This [link] is a scan of a nice lowercase n from a Caslon from Enschedé. If you want to participate, you can make a digitization of the scan, as if it were part of a revival project or a similar project. Use Beziers for curves.


Use your best judgment to place the points and build the contours. If you feel the need to make multiple interpretations, just put them in other glyphs in the UFO. There’s no need to generate an OTF. I know there is less information available than if you were looking at a complete characterset, but I’m confident you can do it well anyway. This is not a competition, there is no right or wrong solution.

Finally, save the letter in a UFO, add your own name to the UFO name, then mail a .zip to me. Thanks!

By participating you allow me to use the shape in some sort of report. Nothing grand as this is an unsponsored and unpaid project. But I will keep in touch and share the results. Your contribution will be credited.


This animation shows how the raw data of the contributed digitizations interpolate with their normalized versions. Normalization removes scale and offset from the group. This makes it possible to compare the shapes. Notice how the points form clusters around familiar landmarks such as the top of the curve.