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@ This page demonstrates how (brilliantly) crafted OpenType features in a tweaked FontFont Kosmik can work together with the fonts module of CSS3 low-level font controls to create subtle animation effects. At the moment this page is tweaked for the FireFox 4 beta, while you will see the WOFF, in other browsers, the animation effects will not show. All examples on this page are OpenType fonts, delivered in WOFF, controlled with CSS3 and animated with jQuery.


TypoMan Reads The News Online.*


Subtle activity on rollover

You could:

The font is ©1995-2010 Erik van Blokland and FontShop International. FF Kosmik (though not in this version just yet) can be licensed at FontShop. Scripted with JQuery.

Thanks to Torben Wilhelmsen for help with jQuery, Tal Leming / WOFF, & John Daggett / CSS3.

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