Robothon 2015

It has been three years since the last Robothon. The official reason for the triennial cycle is that the Gerrit Noordzij Prize has one, and we like these events to go together. The undocumented reason is of course that it takes about two and a half years to forget how much work it is to organise a conference. My respects to everyone who manages to do these things every year.

At the moment the students of the class of 2015 finishing up the Karel Martens exhibition Reprint Karel Martens (opening Friday March 6, 16:00, KABK) and the Gerrit Noordzij Prize seminar on Saturday March 7, 2015 (Tickets).

The Robothon program is full of exciting speakers and I can’t wait to meet them. Jack Jennings of Robofont Mechanic fame! Andy Clymer with actual hardware! Eleven speakers in two days! Tickets were sold out in a couple of hours, so for all who did not manage to get one, this year we will attempt again to broadcast everything on internet. Maybe it will work this time.