Eighty-six, shown at full length, courtesy of the director.

Eighty-six is an exciting new title in the cult minimalism/microism school of story telling. As the genre suggests, Eighty-six does not have a narrative arc, or even a sound track, but this is not what the viewer should focus on. The carefully art directed palette projects a wonderfully compelling atmosphere that draws you in. Regardless of its compact format and (rather short) length, Eighty-six records the crippling doubts and insecurities of a square. Is it orange? Is it red? Or are they just carefully selected shades of magenta and yellow? Do the hexadecimal values of the colors carry additional meaning? With movies this compact, fans have to dig deep for clues. For instance: why is the movie one byte shorter than suggested by the title? The director, like the movie, remains stumm. The editing is quick, with powerful square images racing at the viewer with a hypnotic rhythm. As a remake of the earlier monochrome Spacer.gif, Eighty-six successfully expands the visual vocabulary of modern microist movie making.

Five star. Must see.