I’m pleased to announce that Superpolator3 is out! To start with for registered users. I’ve sent a mail to the mailing list. If you haven’t received the specifics let me know.


Superpolator3 has great new features. Read more about them on the new Superpolator site.


New measuring. New proofing layouts. Overhauled math for the dimensional definition of the design space. The rules are a cool new feature that I think will be useful. I’m using it in my projects already.

Why did it take so long, Erik?

And other interesting questions in the FAQ.

This release would not have happened without Frederik Berlaen, Tal Leming, Petr van Blokland and all the others.


Single user €300. Ten user Studio License €1750. More info on ordering Superpolator3. If you bought a copy of Superpolator2 since the 2012 Robothon you’re eligible (as promised) for a free upgrade to 3.