Nypels Book

This is an issuu version of the book Just van Rossum and I made for the Charles Nypels award in 2000. Published by Rosbeek as part of their Goodwill series, number 49. Edited by Els Kuijpers. Articles written by Dawn Barrett, EvB, Max Bruinsma, Gerard Hadders, Jan Middendorp, JvR, Pierre di Sciullo, Ineke Schwartz and Teal Triggs.

The subject matter of the book, how to design with programs, directed its design and production. Rather than design the book, we wrote software that produced it for us. Some decisions were fixed points, for instance illustrations and articles. Some items were generated fresh each time the book was executed. The version of the book that printed was fundamentally different from the versions we proofed. Each time large sections of the book would redesign themselves.